ITL is a 501(c)3 non-profit California Corporation founded in 2005.


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Your money goes to leasing to own a building such as this one, that we can renovate.

Your Donation can help a Veteran In the following ways:

  • Financial:

  • in-kind:  

  • time & talent:                       

Your donation goes to help fund our Independent living facility. We at ITL are dedicated to helping veterans out of homelessness and into careers. Your Financial donation supports ITL's rent, utilities, meals, offices supplies, and printed materials, and our fundraising events. Every dollar given. Every dollar counts.

In-Kind donation are cars, motorcycles, and motor homes, RV's furniture, personal care items, clothing, shoes, household items, these goods are the life blood of ITL

Time and Talent is where you come in with hands-on involvement in the areas: Administrative Support, Outreach, Fundraising, Personal Care Assistance, Professional Services & Consulting, Janitorial  Assistance, Construction Services.

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