ITL is a 501(c)3 non-profit California Corporation founded in 2005.


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                  WE HAVE ONE GOAL!

                     To Better serve our vets

   ITL was founded by Veterans to help Veterans. We exist only to serve that sole purpose. ITL will achieve this through making the Veterans whole. We will address food/clothing concerns, social issues, and life skills. Our trained drug counselors will help veterans with their addictions. Our job coaches will help the veteran use the skills they gained in the military to locate long a term profession. We have two and five year programs that require a commitment and accountability agreement from both ITL and the Veteran. 

At the end of this program we help foster family reunification and help the Veteran find a profession that fosters a sustainable life style.

You can find the accountability agreement with the Veterans here:Veteran Accountability Agreement

You can find the agreement with the staff and volunteers here:Volunteer Accountability Agreement