ITL is a 501(c)3 non-profit California Corporation founded in 2005.


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Veteran Accountability Agreement

ITL has a commitment to our veterans this is our agreement with them

I. I will work with ITL staff on your plan of treatment which is designed for your own individual needs and will be renegotiated every six months untill you meet your goals

II. I will work with ITL staff towards those goals on a regular basis

III. I Agree to keep up with personal hygiene and living area clean

IV. will refrain from damaging property and perform normal maintenance as expected by the living program

V.I will make timely payments of your portion of the rent and other bills

VI. I will refrain from abusing alcohol, psychotropic medication and continue AA or other support groups. Continue to take medication as directed

VII. I will not conduct illegal activities on ITL property 

VIII. Agreement to do no harm: I am responsible for my behavior and agree to work towards preventing harm to others or myself. If I think that I may hurt others or myself, I agree to come to the VA hospital or nearest emergency room for Assistance

IX. I know that I am always welcome to come back to ITL to help mentor other Veterans so that they may learn from my successful experience